Whilst ploughing through a complex and convoluted story about the major threats facing Australian native animals I suddenly realised the people I was addressing had no idea what I was talking about.

These were my non-nature nerd friends. They were interested for sure, but baffled by my stories of fantastic creatures, extinctions, ferals, and fire regimes. It seems it had never crossed their minds to consider such things. In fact, they were more likely to be aware of the plight of the Giant Panda or Sumatran Tiger than the critters literally in their backyards. How could this be?

But they wanted to know more. They said scientific journal articles were too hard to read and Bindi Irwin’s stage show was too hard to watch. They wanted a middle ground. And so I give you a blog dedicated to the wonders of Australian wildlife.

Before It’s Gone is a concept spawned by a group of friends who are passionately in love with Austraila’s wild places. Our aim is to share our experiences with wildlife and generate a desire in the reader to know more and do more to conserve our environment – before it’s gone.

Our posts are written by the kind of people who spend their working days and weekends engaging in naturalistic pursuits and get their kicks seeking out new species, clocking up range extensions and contributing to research to aid recovery efforts. People who are gung-ho about getting out there and experiencing, studying, observing and marveling at Australia’s native wildlife.

Hope you enjoy

“In the end we will conserve only what we love, and we will love only what we understand.” Baba Dioum