Can emergency interventions save the Orange-bellied Parrot from extinction?

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By this time of year most of us have started winding down, cheerfully enjoying the season’s rumball-fuelled fripperies. Meanwhile, in a remote pocket of south-west Tasmania, a project is underway to try and mitigate a conservation crisis. And the stakes couldn’t be higher; the very existence of a spectacular Australian bird hangs in the balance. […]

Size matters for an Australian giant

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Far north QLD never fails to deliver awesome wildlife encounters at any time of the day or night. While spotlighting recently on Cape York I half tripped over a small log while navigating a particularly dense patch of woodland. I shone my torch to the ground to avoid a face plant and realised my ‘log’ had two eyes and an unimpressed look on his face. I had accidently stumbled over Australia’s largest snake, the Scrub Python (Morelia kinghorni).

Backyard Beauties: The Invasive Asian House Gecko

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Dave has come to expect the nightly back and forth of chuk-chuk-chuks as his resident Asian House Geckos (AHG) bark away. And each morning, the light of day reveals their ubiquitous calling card on skirting boards, walls, lampshades and outdoor settings. But as Dave has noticed, there seem to be a few different species at his place. Depending on where you live in the country you are likely to have a mixture of native and introduced gecko housemates.

Backyard Beauties: Carpet Python cleans up

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As an avid gardener Kerry observes many wildlife visitors in her backyard. She often admires the colourful and raucous Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) bathing and preening in her gutters after rain (which, in Ingham, is a regular occurrence). While Kerry came to expect their daily presence on her roof, someone else was also keeping a close eye on these birds.

Spotted! Spotted Whistling Ducks in Weipa

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Now here’s one you don’t get to see too often. Unless of course you live in Weipa. Then you would see these guys fairly regularly on the local sewage ponds (on a side note – sewage ponds are a great place to see birds if you can handle the smell). But for those of us from anywhere else in Australia the sight of a Spotted Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna guttata) is something to write home about.