Parasitic storm birds in a suburb near you

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If you are in the north or east of Australia you may have noticed ‘grey toucan-like birds’ (as described by a Sydney friend) in your suburb making ridiculous sounds at all time of the day and night. These birds are actually the migratory Channel-billed Cuckoo (Scythrops novaehollandiae). They are commonly referred to as storm birds as they turn up in summer to breed then head back to New Guinea and Indonesia around March.

Getting girls in Gondwana: Part 1 Paradise Riflebird

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In the past few months Jase, Kate, Dan and I have made a several trips to Lamington National Park on the border of NSW and QLD. It is a magical place: World Heritage listed Sub-tropical Rainforest (think Fern Gully). Lamington is one of several ‘Gondwana Rainforests’ in Northern NSW and Southern QLD. These forests cover 0.3% of Australia but contain half of all Australian plant families and about a third of the Australia’s mammals and bird species. A biodiversity hotbed!