Biodiversity: A hot topic this month

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The arrival of spring is not the only reason to celebrate in September, it’s also national biodiversity month.
It provides a chance to celebrate Australia’s magnificent flora, fauna and landscapes; and to promote the conservation of our unique native wildlife.
To wrap up NBM 2011, I thought we’d reflect a bit on what “biodiversity” means in Australia.

The Cookiecutter Shark: All Bite and No Bark

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The Cookiecutter shark (Isistius brasiliensis) is a small shark with large specimens barely exceeding 50 cm from tail tip to snout. They live in warmer open waters throughout the world’s oceans and feed on marine mammals such as Sea Lions and Dolphins, fish such as Tuna and Mackerel and have even been known to nibble on the sound absorbing tiles of submarines.

Everything’s Endangered: the perils of living in a GAB spring

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This week Adam Kerezsy, an aquatic ecologist with Bush Heritage Australia, gives us a run down on what makes his research so unique…
At Edgbaston, a property owned by the not-for-profit conservation company Bush Heritage Australia, the ancient water from the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) seeps to the surface and then resides in a series of extremely unique springs.

Freshwater SNAGS: Stay at home dads of the freshwater realm?

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Creating a suitable home and raising a healthy family is traditionally the woman’s job. But … this isn’t always the case in the world of fish.

I am lucky enough to live near an exceptionally healthy population of Eel-tailed catfish (Tandanus tandanus). Tandans were once wide-spread across eastern Australia, but populations have declined dramatically over the past decades mainly due to flow regulation. Near Mackay QLD, the male tandans amaze us each spring with their astonishing engineering efforts, undertaken to impress the fussy females.