Biodiversity: A hot topic this month

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The arrival of spring is not the only reason to celebrate in September, it’s also national biodiversity month.
It provides a chance to celebrate Australia’s magnificent flora, fauna and landscapes; and to promote the conservation of our unique native wildlife.
To wrap up NBM 2011, I thought we’d reflect a bit on what “biodiversity” means in Australia.

Backyard Beauties: The Invasive Asian House Gecko

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Dave has come to expect the nightly back and forth of chuk-chuk-chuks as his resident Asian House Geckos (AHG) bark away. And each morning, the light of day reveals their ubiquitous calling card on skirting boards, walls, lampshades and outdoor settings. But as Dave has noticed, there seem to be a few different species at his place. Depending on where you live in the country you are likely to have a mixture of native and introduced gecko housemates.

Backyard Beauties: Carpet Python cleans up

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As an avid gardener Kerry observes many wildlife visitors in her backyard. She often admires the colourful and raucous Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) bathing and preening in her gutters after rain (which, in Ingham, is a regular occurrence). While Kerry came to expect their daily presence on her roof, someone else was also keeping a close eye on these birds.

Things in the Night Part 1: An Orb Weaving Creature of Habit

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This species is not endangered and it’s not hard to find… it’s just darn fascinating!

While enjoying a drink on her deck every afternoon at 5.30pm, a colleague of mine has noticed a spider building its web – in exactly the same location. Every morning at 7am, while having her coffee, she observed the spider ‘eating’ its web, then tucking himself under the bark of a tree. Same spider, same spot, at the exact same time each morning/night.