Biodiversity: A hot topic this month

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The arrival of spring is not the only reason to celebrate in September, it’s also national biodiversity month.
It provides a chance to celebrate Australia’s magnificent flora, fauna and landscapes; and to promote the conservation of our unique native wildlife.
To wrap up NBM 2011, I thought we’d reflect a bit on what “biodiversity” means in Australia.

Finding the Mallee Emu-wren, like a needle in the spinifex

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During the Christmas break Kate, Reece and I visited Hattah NP, home to one of the last remaining populations of Mallee Emu-wren (Stripiturus mallee). Well equipped with mozzie repellant, we headed out at first light hoping to catch a glimpse of one of Australia’s smallest endangered birds. These birds rank high on a twitchers ‘must see’ list. With declining and isolated populations and at a truly tiny 4 – 6.5 g, they’re hard to see and even harder to photograph.