Backyard Beauties: The Invasive Asian House Gecko

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Dave has come to expect the nightly back and forth of chuk-chuk-chuks as his resident Asian House Geckos (AHG) bark away. And each morning, the light of day reveals their ubiquitous calling card on skirting boards, walls, lampshades and outdoor settings. But as Dave has noticed, there seem to be a few different species at his place. Depending on where you live in the country you are likely to have a mixture of native and introduced gecko housemates.

Everything’s Endangered: the perils of living in a GAB spring

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This week Adam Kerezsy, an aquatic ecologist with Bush Heritage Australia, gives us a run down on what makes his research so unique…
At Edgbaston, a property owned by the not-for-profit conservation company Bush Heritage Australia, the ancient water from the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) seeps to the surface and then resides in a series of extremely unique springs.